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Easy Interest

ScreenShot of Easy Interest by LVCsoftware Do you need a loan? Do you want invest your money and know future value? Are you evaluating a new bank account and want know which is the best for you? Easy Interest is your App! Enter the details of your investment and you will know immediately the values ​​of simple or compound interest accrued, and its total value of your capital. Enter the details of your loan and you will know immediately the values ​​of simple or compound interest due and the value of capital that you will return at the end. Functions -Simple Interest *Calculate Interest *Calculate Future Value -Compound interest *Calculate Interest *Calculate Future Value Trial Version - We are able to calculate simple interest but not compound. - There are advertising. New in version 1.2 -Added Italian language. -Decreased...
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Get Reimbursed

ScreenShot of Get Reimbursed by Pratik Kothari There are two ways to do things – the easy way and then there is a hard way! Same goes for expense reports. We all know the paper-based hard way or we can opt for the easy way - use Get Reimbursed. Now, you can track your expense reports, your mileage records and all your receipts right from your phone using this app. Just take a picture of your receipts, attach them to a transaction quickly or plug in your mileage records and you are ready to submit your expense report. Enjoy this mango enabled app by the developer of extremely popular apps - Mood Swing, Dress Pal, Smart Goals & RedMinder! Features ------------------------------ - Simple and intuitive metro design - Track expenses along with receipts - Track mileage logs - Monthly categorization of expenses in a single report - ...
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Loan Analyzer

ScreenShot of Loan Analyzer by Lakshmi Solutions LLC Loan Analyzer is a simple app that will help you analyze the majority of loans that you can encounter in the market. Analyzing loans is easy, just enter your loan information on the main form except for the value that you want to solve and then click on any of the 3 buttons to calculate (Loan Amount, Interest Rate or Payment). It is a great app recommended for real estate agents, loan brokers, college or finance students, and anyone in general looking to get and analyze an auto, mortgage, or personal loan. Features: 1) Loan screen to calculate the amount, or the payment, or the interest of the loan depending on your input. 2) Analysis screen to review loan details, interest only payment, total interest to pay, and early payment options. Also, you can send the loan details via email or text...
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Expense Box

ScreenShot of Expense Box by appamarket This app will help Windows Phone users to track personal or group expenses, either when going shopping, organizing a party, a school reunion, go on a trip abroad, or simply going for a night out. It will store the payments done by each, and automatically calculates the exact amount of money each have to pay. Features include "Who Pays Next?" suggesting who should make the next payment, "Archive" old expense boxes, and "Overview" showing an overview of each contact stating who owes money to whom.
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ScreenShot of Go_Dutch by hothero Sometimes people eat meal with their friends, that will split their bill euqally. But we always forgot that everyone needed to give how much change or whoever needed to pay. Therefore, we all need this app, GoDutch!! And I plan on what develop "GoDutch Plus", a charged app, in 2012 Jan.
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Car Trip Cost Calculator

ScreenShot of Car Trip Cost Calculator by RAD System Design Helps you keep track of how much it really costs to drive places in your car. Uses distance and fuel consumption rate to determine fuel costs, and also accounts for maintenance costs. You can save as many 'trips' as you like, and can see how much each trip costs in a particular vehicle. Save the details of all your vehicles to compare costs for each. The trial version limits the number of vehicle profiles but is otherwise fully functional.
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My Fat Wallet

ScreenShot of My Fat Wallet by JTO.C Sq. Do you like having fat wallet?! We do too. Here is a constant stream of deals for you to keep that wallet as fat as can be. Enjoy! :)
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ScreenShot of Garcom_Amigo by Gedeão Help to calculate accounts of bars and restaurants.
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ScreenShot of PayPal by eBay Inc. PayPal Enjoy PayPal on-the-go with the PayPal Windows Phone app. SEND & REQUEST MONEY Whether you want to send a money gift or pay off a loan from a friend—sending money is easy and FREE (when using Bank or Balance as a funding source) MANAGE YOUR ACCOUNT Check your balance, withdraw funds or view past transactions—anytime, anywhere ADDITIONAL FEATURES • New “Local” feature where you can find local merchants who are using our Paypal Here™ service and pay them with PayPal. • Online or on-the-go, your financial information is always safe and secure with PayPal. Please note: Your country may not support all features.
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ScreenShot of CalculateDiscount by Saniya this app will help the user to calculate the price after applying the disocunt. This app will be efficient for people out for shopping.
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