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Bar Story: Nightclub's Life 1.5.3

ScreenShot of Bar Story: Nightclub's Life 1.5.3 by WSW GAME Wanna be a pop servant in a fashionable bar? Wanna be a wine master? Yes! This game is designed for you! Your task is to fill in "right" amount of wine/beer according to the base lines around different shapes of glasses moving forward. When you get more and more "perfect"s and "combo"s, the glasses' moving speed will be increased... In order to survive, you cannot leave ANY glass empty. If you are confident with your score, you definitely need to rank yourself via the online ranking system. Keywords: Bar Wine Beer Whisky Fashionable Servant Story Master Simulation Fun Joy Time Killer Party Life High Major versions: ======================== V1.0.1 A "MUST-update" version: - improved online ranking system - fixed several bugs! V1.2.0 Another "MUST...
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Photo Warp 1.6.7

ScreenShot of Photo Warp 1.6.7 by TONUZABA ENTERTAINMENT More than ten million downloads! Thank you, we like you all, hope you like us on Facebook too! ;) This app will melt your face! Just take a picture then warp, bend and distort it to your heart's content. Make yourself skinnier, buff yourself up or enlarge any body parts that might need some enlargement ;) Or go crazy and have fun putting several pounds of fat on your friends or giving them the biggest cheese-eating grin you can imagine. With Photo Warp, you too can be an instant, super-cheap plastic surgeon! How hilarious can you be? Features: - Warp tool (Moves pixels around as you drag the cursor), - Pinch and Bloat tools (Move pixels towards/away from the center of your brush) - The unique Reconstruct brush (gradually resets the ...
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ScreenShot of Matches by IdealSolutions The aim of this logical game is to solve a mathematical equation by moving certain number of matches. There are four levels to be solved. -The first level Hummingbird - 1match to move -The second level Mockinbird - 2 matches to move -The third level Falcon - 3 matches to move -The fourth level Hawk - 4 matches to move On each level one move equals one point. If a player uses a hint one point is lost. The hints are available from the second level. To move to the next level a player has to solve certain number of equations starting from the Hummingbird level, for example the Hummingbird level - 300 simple equtions. On each level it it possible to choose the other/next eqation by clicking Next. It is also possible to come back to the previous move. The Multiplayer option is the game for two players...
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TeamViewer Pro for Remote Control 8.0.9871

ScreenShot of TeamViewer Pro for Remote Control 8.0.9871 by TeamViewer TeamViewer provides easy, fast and secure remote access to Windows, Mac and Linux systems. TeamViewer is already used on more than 100,000,000 computers worldwide and with the TeamViewer App for iPhone and iPod Touch you are able to: - On the fly support your clients and colleagues - Have access to your office desktop with all of its documents and installed applications - Remotely administer unattended computers (e.g. servers) Features: ----------------------------- - Remotely access unattended computers - Conveniently control remote computers using the iPhone multi-touch gestures: left click, right click, drag & drop, scroll wheel, zoom, change monitor - Complete keyboard control incl. special keys such as Windows®, Ctrl+Alt+Del - Remotely reboot the computer - Automatically adjust...
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The abandoned school 01.01.01

ScreenShot of The abandoned school 01.01.01 by voolean ★Version Update Notice★ We added "User Forume" link on main, it will take you to our facebook page. You can check out game tips and share your tricks! We’ve added 3 more stages to Abandoned school game - Art room - Infirmary - Science room You can update on Google Play market right now! 3 times scarier and 3 times harder than last version The abandoned school’s accumulated downloads just hit 300,000 worldwide. It featured many game review sites around the world. - 2nd placed in iTunes Game/adventure chart in Singapore. - iTunes featured in Spain, Poland, Russia and Singapore. Thank you so much for all your support! ★★The abandoned school facebook open!★★ Game tips and shares your tricks. Give us your feedback! The Abandoned...
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ScreenShot of BattleShips by Star Arcade Oy Get Star Battleships and enjoy Star Arcade – the number one Mobile Social Gaming network! No single player, no offline modes – just online multiplayer! Perfect your gaming experience by tapping the STAR and access Star Lounge! Easy morning on the bridge of Command ship Star Arcade, it will probably be just another day at sea. Sun is shining and you’re getting ready for your morning meetings. Out from the blue the communication operator of your ship runs to you and hands you a telegraph. “Urgent message: Several enemy ships heading to your position! Defeat is not an option!” You’re commanding the armada of six warships and now you’re signed to sweep out an equal armada heading to your location. This task will require all of your strategic skills, so...
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F18 Carrier Landing 4.35

ScreenShot of F18 Carrier Landing 4.35 by RORTOS Mobile Aircraft Carrier Landing Simulator. Landing on a flight deck is one of the most difficult things a navy pilot will ever do. The flight deck only has about 500 feet (about 150 meters) of runway space for landing planes, which isn't nearly enough for the heavy, high-speed jets F/A-18 Hornet. Like a Top-Gun pilot enjoy afterburner, tonneau, loop. You will be the pilot of F/A-18 Hornet, F-14 Tomcat and C-2A Greyhound aircraft flying in virtual environments with a stunning graphic. You will have the possibility to see again your performances with 30 seconds REPLAY function with the possibility of changing the point of view switching between several cameras and immediately share personal screenshots on Facebook and Twitter! For a worldwide challenge! Happy landing! Includes: * Multi-...
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Air Hockey 1.17

ScreenShot of Air Hockey 1.17 by Acceleroto Our game Rush City is on sale for FREE! Just search for "Rush City" & download it for your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad! This is the only air hockey app to hit the #1 paid game spot! ✭✭✭✭✭ Over 3500 5-star user reviews! "My favorite is so awesome" - Patrick Norton, Revision3 "Air Hockey from Acceleroto is the best" - Macworld. "I like Air Hockey" - Steve Wozniak. Featured by Gizmodo's Kotaku & TUAW! On the All-Time Top Paid iPhone & iPad Apps lists! Air Hockey has Game Center, OpenFeint & wireless multiplayer! Featured on iPhones & iPods in Apple Stores worldwide. Air Hockey's been featured by Apple in these categories: ✭ #1 on the Apple Store "Our Favorite Games" list ✭ #1 ranked App Store...
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MoboMarket 1.1

ScreenShot of MoboMarket 1.1 by pandaapp MoboMarket – The One Stop Shop for your Android Downloads MoboMarket is a mobile market application which combines a fully functioned app manager that gives you full control over downloads, updates, and installation/removal of Android applications. MoboMarket is not just a simple mobile market application, but offers a wide range of resources. Besides the options to download apps and games, you also have access to wallpapers and themes, as well. In addition, Mobo Market also combines a fully functioned app manager that gives you full control over downloads, updates, and installation/removal of Android applications. Meanwhile, MoboMarket has perfectly integrated a WiFi connection feature. By working with Moborobo - The Smartphone PC Manager, MoboMarket allows users to wirelessly manage...
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ScreenShot of ucla by Caron Zhang Keep updated with the most recent UCLA news! Learn about happenings at UCLA, from academics and research to art and sports. Share great news with the Bruin family!
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