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ScreenShot of SafeCross by Chand Malu Companion application for Zebra crossign safely. Application can highlights the Stop sign on the phone at the zebra crossing or otherwise to indicate the warning to the other people/vehicle driver while crossing the road. Application is just a helper and do not use this in difficult traffic condition. No warranty given for safety. However if this apps helps prevents even minor accident effort is worth.
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Snack A Day

ScreenShot of Snack A Day by JoeJG Live Tile Application. Snack A Day provides the lazy with a random daily suggestion for their snacking needs. Warning - do not consume phone. Pin the application to your home screen to start snacking! Updates incoming.
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Perfect Scan

ScreenShot of Perfect Scan by Katana Labs Perfect Scan turns you phone into a high quality portable scanner for documents, receipts, business cards, whiteboards, etc. With Perfect Scan you can quickly scan your documents and email them or upload to Skydrive, Dropbox and Google Docs as multi-page PDF-s or JPEG files. It features algorithms for automatic perspective correction and image enhancement. Our easy to use interface and lightspeed processing gets your work done in no time. Features: • Scans multi page documents • Makes industry standard PDF files • Upload scans to email, Skydrive, Dropbox and Google Documents • Automatic page detection & perspective correction: straightens your page to perfect rectangle • Image enhancement: crop, rotation, auto contract, grayscale, black & white • Adds...
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Music Controller

ScreenShot of Music Controller by babgvant Music Controller works with Music Server (download from as a remote for your Windows Media Player library. After installing the application please set the hostname of the PC running Music Server in the settings section.
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ScreenShot of Remote by Komodex Systems With Remote, you can control iTunes from your phone. Browse through your music library and choose playlists, songs, and albums as if you were right in front of your computer. Play, pause, control the volume and more. Remote allows you to see all the artists, albums, songs, and playlists in your library. You can even use your device's keyboard to search for albums, artists, and songs by name. Once you find the media you're looking for, just tap to start playback. AirPlay control lets you choose which devices iTunes sends music to and control the individual volume of each device. To pair Remote with a new library for the first time, you must run the Pairing Utility on your computer. This utility can be downloaded from our website at: The Pairing Utility is only required ...
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ScreenShot of OCRrer by With OCRrer you can convert pictures of your text pages (yes, OCRrer is multi-page) to a TXT editable file that you can send by email. OCRrer allows you to customize the recognition process and the resulting text by setting a serie of parameters. - Document language: OCRrer will be more accurate and will assign more probability to the characters used by the specified language; actually you can choose from many languages (english, chinese simplified, danish, finnish, french, german, italian, japanese, polish, portoguese, russian, spanish, swedish, hindi) and different alphabets (latin, cyrillic, chinese, japanese, hindi). - Picture: you can tune the brightness and contrast (the picture is converted to B/W to be faster and more accurate) and angle (the picture must be in a reading orientation...
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Smart Potato

ScreenShot of Smart Potato by NTWorld Smart Potato is a remote client for a Windows 7 computer with Windows Media Center and Remote Potato installed. It allows you to view the TV Guide, Channel Listings, Recorded TV (including Remote Streaming), Scheduled TV, Search and Schedule new one time and series recordings. Additionally support for the ability to remote control Media Center with your phone and browser your picture library. Watching TV from remote includes the ability to preserve your last watched position and a list of last watched episodes for quick resume. Trial mode allows for viewing of all data and is ad supported. Smart Potato 2 is a major update including the following new features: * Wake on LAN/WAN * Main Screen Panorama design with Servers and Recent list * Deeper TVDB integration with banners, fan art and series...
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Meds Tracker

ScreenShot of Meds Tracker by Gus Perez Do you take any meds, supplements, or vitamins? Ever find yourself wondering if you took them or not? Meds Tracker is a very simple, easy-to-use app that helps you keep track of when you last took your meds as well as the next time you need to take them. Meds Tracker supports getting reminders when it's time to take one of your meds and also has support for three different types of schedules: custom daily schedules (i.e., you specify the exact times), fixed schedules (e.g., every three hours), and sliding schedules (e.g., three hours after the last time you took the medication). It also has complete support for fast app switching and at-a-glance Live Tile support for the next scheduled medication. Features include: • Helps track any kind of medicine, supplement, and vitamin • See...
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Temperature Conversion

ScreenShot of Temperature Conversion by Shlomi Horovitz Convert Temperatures.
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ScreenShot of Reminder by Abbas Goudman With this app you can easily create reminders, with or without a notification alert. After creating a reminder you can as easily edit or delete your reminders.
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